Barbie Tableaux 2/2010

Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet!!   Will their grants be renewed? Can they find new sponsors? Will ticket sales be down?  Dance, Barbies, Dance!!!!!!


  1. Gigi Kushla says:

    Very imaginative!

  2. Adela Seal says:

    Ooooo la la!! These Barbie ballerinas need to go on tour!!

  3. Will they be performing anything by Balanchine this season?

    • Of, course. The Barbies love classic choreography. They are trying to decide who will be “Diamonds” in “Jewels”. It was Magda’s signature role, but the balletmaster is thinking of someone younger for this season….

  4. Ann Christian says:

    “I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night…” And, you know, “Cinderella” is big this year, too.

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