“Matriotic” Greetings-Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!   We have nothing to Fear!!  The Barbies wanted all of you to remember that we have been through dark and difficult times before in the U.S.A.  Every time others underestimated us-we persevered and prevailed.  E pluribus unum!  Because we are diverse, inclusive and strong.   The Barbies also want us to give thanks to all those who preserve the liberties we celebrate today.  Meat on a stick!!!  Fireworks!!!   Fellowship!!!  ( and the Bill of Rights!!!)  Have a great weekend!


  1. I especially liked the african american barbie with the crisp, white sun top and matiching pedal pushers and the “Betsy Ross” Barbie. HAppy 4th (I LOVE the Matriotic greeting. I’m going to use it from now on!!!)

  2. That is my newest doll–isn’t she gorgeous?
    And the Betsy Ross costume is on my original Barbie from my childhood. She usually gets the best outfit–amends for cutting off her bangs. I swear I thought they would grow back, like mine did.

  3. Another triumph of sheer Barbiedom in the face of challenges. We shall overcome! We shall not be moved! We shall eat noodle salad at the lake house and wave sparklers all evening!!

  4. I like the coinage: “Barbiedom”. I believe the girls are a force for good-and a subversive aid to my freedom of expression! Wait ’til next month!!!!!!!!!!!

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