My Father-His Birthday Remembered

Today is the anniversary of my father’s birth. Douglas Anderson Hladik.
He was a man of his time, with all that entails, but he never told me I couldn’t be what I wanted to be.
He was raised by three women: his mother, grandmother and aunt.  They all worked. Unusual household in the 1920s-30s.
I miss him.
This is a photo of my parents-Douglas Anderson Hladik, and Ruth Johson Hladik from the 1940’s.
This was my father’s favorite monoprint from my Natural History series.  He helped to sponsor a Polar Bear @ our local zoo in Brookfield, Illinois.
This is an aquatint etching.  I use two copper plates-aquatinted stripes, printed on top of each other onto wet Rives BFK.  This gives the range of color in the background.  After the first printing dries, I use a combination of print techniques-linocut-etching-Chine collé, monotyping, etc., to complete each unique print.


  1. Cathie Crawford says:

    A very nice way to remember your Father.

  2. With more than one printmaking process involved, this would be a monotype.

  3. The process of monoprinting and monotype printing is the same, but when doing monotypes the artist works on a clean and unetched plate; with monoprints, however, there is always a pattern or part of an image which is constantly repeated in each print.
    Artists often use etched plates or some kind of pattern such as lace, leaves, fabric or even rubber gaskets, to add texture.
    My series of monoprints begin with two copper aquatinted striped plates, printed in different colors. This is the template for all the other techniques.
    Monotypes are produced on blank plates.
    I am adding this note because someone commented that because I use multiple techniques, these print are monotypes. A Common misconception.

  4. I also produce monotypes, and teach workshops in various techniques and media used to produce monotypes. I will probably post some of these in the future.

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