Artblog Debut



Just started looking at blogs to like today!   I was nominated by my favorite blogger-Rosie Scribblah-a fantastic printer and fascinating human! for the for the wordpress versatile blogger award.

Used my blog for a project of a few years ago-to document my Barbie/ebay/obsession.  At the time, my husband was going through multiple, consecutive health troubles.  I would come home from a day at the hospital-plug into ebay and watch auctions on vintage Barbie. ( and buy!). He’s well now!  I’m well now, too!  I was left with these photos and trunks of tiny clothing.

I am a printmaker/artist.  I wanted to start a blog for my artwork- a reason for people to follow me?  I hope you will learn something from my art posts-enjoy my sense of the absurd in life and generally appreciate the exchange of information about anything that crosses my brain.  

Start off with my website!    Sign up for my mailing list, too!  I use it only for MAJOR events.